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Advantages of international arbitration

Advantages of international arbitration

1- International arbitration is distinguished by the speed of separation between the disputing parties, and the degree of litigation is only at the first degree and is enforceable, that is, there is no appeal.
2- Arbitration is characterized by complete secrecy in order to preserve the reputation of the disputing parties.
3- It encourages attracting and attracting investment from abroad due to the existence of a specialized international arbitration center.
4- Each of the disputing parties has the right to choose an arbitrator to settle disputes and disputes.
5- It is characterized by the presence of a weighted arbitrator in order to separate the case more accurately and credibly.
6- Arbitration shall be nullified if it is proven that there is a defect in the procedures or there is a link between the arbitrator and any of the disputing parties.

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