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Course benefits

Coures Benefits

1- The title of His Excellency the Counselor is obtained.
2- Obtaining an honorary professional certificate, equivalent to scientific degrees, recognized all over the world.
3- After obtaining a diploma, the trainee will be helped to include his name as an international arbitrator accredited by the bodies and bodies with competence in arbitration, and cases are presented to him based on his specialization.
4- In the event that the trainee passes the course (introductory – specialized – depth – and diploma) in addition to a case training workshop, the trainee will obtain a certificate of registration and practicing a profession issued by the Union of International Arab Arbitrators and accordingly, he will be able to obtain a license and open an office To practice the profession.
5- At the end of each year, an international conference on international arbitration is held, and an invitation is extended to the arbitrators to attend the conference.

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