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who are weDefinition of the United Arbitration Center

who are weDefinition of the United Arbitration Center

We are a private and pioneering institution with international standards, in accordance with international protocols approved by the Egyptian International Arbitration Center of the League of Arab States and based in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
And the American Council on International Law and Arbitration (UNCITRAL), headquartered in
Deerfield Beach, Virginia, USA

And the International Institute for Democratic Studies and Human Rights at the United Nations and its headquarters
In cooperation with private training institutes licensed by the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in the State of Kuwait to provide courses in the field of international arbitration, in all professional specialties, which are specialized in resolving disputes and settling disputes under the umbrella of justice.
Where those who enroll in arbitration courses are qualified according to ethical, professional and international standards, and are classified and assisted in their accreditation as international arbitrators from the specialized bodies,
In this way, the role of arbitration in achieving justice will be strengthened, and the culture of arbitration is spread as a means of a special nature and parallel to the judiciary to contribute to the development of societies and countries and to encourage investment.

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