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Defining the arbitration center


Definition of the United Arbitration Center

We are a private and pioneering institution with international standards, in accordance with international protocols approved by the International Arbitration Center of the League of Arab States and its headquarters in the Arab Republic of Egypt. And the American Council on International Law and Arbitration (UNCITRAL), based in the United States of America, in Florida And the International Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Studies at the United Nations, in cooperation with training institutes licensed by the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in the State of Kuwait, to provide courses in the field of international arbitration, in all professional disciplines, which specializes in resolving disputes and settling disputes under the umbrella of justice. The center qualifies specialized cadres according to ethical, professional and international standards, classifies them and assists them in accrediting them as international arbitrators from the competent bodies, and the center also aims to strengthen the role of arbitration in achieving justice, and to spread the culture of arbitration as a means of a special nature and parallel to the judiciary to contribute to the development of societies and countries and encourage investment.

An Overview of International Arbitration

First: An Overview of International Arbitration It is an alternative system that has a special judicial nature, which is concerned with arbitration in settling disputes between any two conflicting parties in the event of joint cooperation or in the event of dispute settlement and dispute settlement, where resorting to alternative means other than through the judiciary has become at the present time an effective means and an important and necessary matter to meet the needs and requirements of trade Modern International. (For example, the joint cooperation that took place between the Kuwaiti government and the British government on Kuwaiti oil exploration in 1936) International arbitration has become a necessity imposed by the reality of international trade in the modern era, where the condition of resorting to arbitration has become written down as a basic clause when concluding contracts between contractors, which is an effective way to avoid and resolve disputes arising from international trade contracts related to investment, including long-term international contracts related to trade and industry, Technology transfer contracts and services, construction contracts, financial aspects related to intellectual property ... etc.

Commercial arbitration and its importance to encourage investment

In light of the global competition by providing various and multiple incentives to attract foreign capital for the purpose of reviving and improving the state's economy, arbitration has become a basic necessity to support this investment by making it continuous and stable, and arbitration must be inherent and mainly accompanying the investment incentives provided by the state with what it represents in effective justice As an effective and alternative means of the legal system of the state, in line with the vision of the state and the investor, and thus transforming that state into a financial and commercial center that attracts investment.



Extending values beyond the classroom by making sure skills and concepts taught in the classroom are authentically useful in the world beyond school.


Offering a multicultural and friendly environment in which students can successfully learn basic skills and core academic content, develop their special talents and social competencies.


Inspiring students to achieve potential and personal goals through activities that are developmentally appropriate, individually paced, and personalized to each student's academic performance and interest.

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